Features & Benefits

The patented multi-ridging system within the base of Aqualoc provides a unique seal on the seat of your tap, eliminating leaking taps. Never change a washer again.

Aqualoc puts an end to full pressure dumps, dramatically reducing - and in most cases eliminating - water hammer. One Aqualoc model is specifically designed for washing machine & dishwasher based water hammer.


Aqualoc's unique design creates a vacuum, rendering even stiff taps very easy to turn on & off. Makes taps easier for the young & elderly to turn on & off.

See the Cost Savings page for details & case studies

Aqualoc reduces hot water heating. The reduction in power usage contributes to significant savings in CO2 emissions. See the Cost Savings page for details & case studies

Aqualoc comes with a 5 year guarantee.

The two piece seal renders the Aqualoc virtually unbreakable and anti-vandal, making it ideal to install in public facilities or high use tapware.


The Aqualoc base seals & protects the seat of your tap. No more washers grinding against the seat means no more wear. Your tap's life expectancy is dramatically increased.

Aqualoc Tap Valves were invented by an Aussie. They are also manufactured and distributed in Australia. The product is so dynamic it won best plumbing invention in the world in Geneva 1999

A combination of the different flow models can be used to equalise the flow fluctuations from any outlet.

No more scalding showers when your toilet is flushed, or another tap is turned on. The hot water tank will also go a lot further, enjoy longer showers.

Client Testimonials

"Following the installation of over 10,000 of the Aqualoc water saving products on the Sydney Water Company Every Drop Counts Program. We are only too happy to endorse these products, from ease of installation and lack of maintenance perspective; we have found them to suit the needs of this contract most admirably." Project Manager, FIELDFORCE SERVICES (Contractors to Sydney Water)

"Our original account from Albury City Council on 4 May 1998 was $11 331. So far we have 33 rooms fully installed. This was completed in November 1998. Then after receiving the account in May 2000 of $2959.10, I didn't need any more convincing that the valves do work. This is a saving on our water account of $8371.10 on our first account." Owners, BOOMERANG MOTOR INN-HOTEL

"To date there has been no maintenance required with the Aqualoc Tap Valves. It is difficult to determine the exact savings being such a large centre, however there was a definite reduction in water flow at the shower head without effecting the quality of the shower." Acting Operations Manager, JUNEE CORRECTIONAL CENTRE

"To date Aqualoc Tap Valves have lived up to their claims. We have not had any leaking taps, the taps are still easy to turn on & off and have shown themselves to be remarkably resistant to abuse." Business Manager, MARIST COLLEGE KOGARAH

"You will be pleased to know they are still going strong, that's really something considering the constant hard use (abuse) they receive - Hey! everything else is broken but the tap washers live on ... they have definitely reduced hot water usage without any complaints from tenants, in fact the hot water supply is now coping with an increase in tenant numbers of about 25%" Owner, COOGEE BEACH CASUAL LETTINGS

"The taps in the restaurant are leak free and much easier to turn on and off" Owner, McDONALDS CREMORNE

For copies of these complete references and more, contact Aqualoc.



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